http://pixelatrixgames.com/games/house/ You’re stranded in a blizzard in a deserted road. Your car won’t start, yo

Grave Shift 1

http://www.tangerinepop.com/GraveShift/ Gather the stolen treasure of the kingdom and return it to the king. You also have to

A Series of Unfortunate Events

http://www.shockwave.com/ gamelanding/unfortunate.jsp From the beloved children’s book series comes this mind-bending my

Cross The Cliffs

http://www.gamershood.com/ owngames/crossthecliffs.htm Help the stickman over the abyss by pointing and clicking right things.

Aztec Underworld

http://gamescene.com/Aztec_Underworld.html Control an Indiana Jones-type character through mazes. Collect the goodies whilst a

The Kids Next Door: Escape Mission

http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/games/knd/escapemission/index.html The Kids Next Door need to make a quick escape in this perple

My Goldfish is Evil – Evil Plans

http://www.abc.net.au/rollercoaster/games/goldfish/evilplans.htm Another point and click type adventure game created by CITV.

Host Master and the Conquest of Humor

http://www.doublefine.com/games/host_master Fun adventure game in retro style (think LucasArts). Find enough jokes in order to


http://www.bubblebox.com/play/adventure/1362.htm “Try to escape from planet after crashing into its surface. Uncover the

Today I Die

http://www.crazygames.com/game/today-i-die (thank you, Hannah F!) Very interesting and challenging experimental game. Move the

JunkBot 1 and 2

Junkbot URL: http://thinking.goodgame.co.in/lego-junkbot-games.html In this game you need to let the large garbage can eat all

Hans Hans the Biking Viking: Leaving Loki’s Lockup

http://www.bikingviking.com/index.php?sec=4 Loki has managed to lure Thor into the dungeons of his castle (promising a tasty s

Exmortis 3

http://www.fizzy.com/games/exmortis_3 Online/Download?: Online demo, Full game download Explore a post apocalyptic world as yo


http://wellgames.com/free_online/patchworkz/ Your task is to complete a pattern using different color patches. All you have to


http://www.wellgames.com/free_online/sumz/ Collect the necessary sum rotating the digits in the squares to clear the play fie

Glassez 2

http://www.wellgames.com/free_online/glassez2/ Play over 180 absolutely new fascinating levels designed entirely by our users!