Kids Next Door: Ice Creamed The KND have been captured and are being held in different locat

Happyland Adventures (download) Happyland Adventures is a classic platform game combined with o

Icy Tower 2 (download) Harold the Homeboy is back in his greatest adventure yet! The long awaite

Icy Tower (online) (download) Harold the

The Kids Next Door: Escape Mission The Kids Next Door need to make a quick escape in this perple

Cranergy Ball Get your Ocean Spray cranberry around the maze and into the crate without burs

Malstrum’s Mansion Retro style adventure game in black and white. Seen on Lazylaces. Have fun! Note: There are sever

My Goldfish is Evil – Evil Plans Another point and click type adventure game created by CITV.

Losttt In Losttt (yes, that’s 3 tees) you progress from lev

Host Master and the Conquest of Humor Fun adventure game in retro style (think LucasArts). Find enough jokes in order to

Morningstar “Try to escape from planet after crashing into its surface. Uncover the

Islands in the Stream Language: Russian & English New game from – as usual complex an

The Final Chronicle: MNOG II

Info: Online_Game_II:_The_Final_Chronicle

Today I Die (thank you, Hannah F!) Very interesting and challenging experimental game. Move the

A Small Favor New game from Zeebarf, creator of The Journeys of Reemus. In a distant alien gala

Scarygirl Fun jump’n run game with great graphics. Has three difficulty levels (easy, normal, h