Eridanus Quest


When it comes to the oceans, Prof. Ndogo and his team are experts! That’s just as well, because a container of vital research equipment has fallen overboard. And finding the lost gear is anything but easy.

On their research ship, the Eridanus, they set off on the high seas to search for the crate. And with luck and skill, they achieve the seemingly impossible!

Navigating through the game is as easy as can be: the red arrow on the lower right is a navigation button. After reading, simply click to move on. The ship is steered with the direction arrows on the keyboard.

To start the game click on the picture in the middle of the page which says “Susan”.

This episode is not the end of Eridanus Quest. But we don’t know quite what will happen next, either. That depends on the ideas and suggestions that come from you, the players.

So we will just have to wait and see!

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