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Atlantzone is an adventure game.

The story

Everything began on the day I, Rodrigue Grandcoeur, solicitor in Atlantzone, had to open a testament, related to one of my clients. His death was so sudden...

I, the undersigned, Sigismond Canches, residing at Les Chenes, Atlantzone, do hereby declare as follow:

Adept of Nicolas Flamel, I have spent my life carrying on his works. My ultimate experience turned out to be so dreadful that it led me to accomplish certain acts that I must confess today.

I organised the abduction of 5 children, and I had them separated so that they could be adopted. Each of them had a small metal key at the time. Later, I simply watched from afar the progress of these children, who are now adults.

I ask you today to find these persons and to give each of them one of the 5 books that you will find in a safe, at my house. Séraphin, my devoted major-domo, will bring you all the help that you might require.

The key that each one possesses will open the book that is to be his. Each book will reveal to its recipient the secret of his origin, and of his dreadful inheritance.

Made in Atlantzone, 19/9/02.

Signed Sigismond Canches.

I didn't know at that time that this adventure would change my life forever.

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English Walkthrough:

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