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======GROW: Island======
{{image url="images/grow-island-150x150.jpg" class="left"}}
I finished to make GROW - style contents of SHIBAURA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in the college information site. It's only as an college introduction, for purpose of illustration.
Please find some amusement in it and try to find that there may be hidden ending or not.
======GROW: Cube======
{{image url="images/grow-cube-150x150.png" class="left"}}
The 3rd game of GROW is CUBE. I changed an operation from dragging to clicking. I gave priority to the easy operation, even I miss the dragging feeling. Please get used to it.
By the way, I couldn't add the skip function again. I'm sorry, very sorry to make you tolerate frustration to see how things going on every time.
**[How to play GROW game series] **
- Click panels in your selected order.
- Items you click will grow and grow with each turn.
- You will complete the game when all panels' level is max.
- They effect each other as they grow.
- So you have to think about the clicking order.

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