GROW v.1


Translated from Japanese:

Umm Thank you for waiting. Exposes GROW ver.1.

But I took it to divide time, and I think they can be cleared in five minutes.

It changed the idea seems to have turned into enmity.

Well I think rather than, say it this time with the game or what, and if you could enjoy in the sense to open a favorite picture book.

I had the opposite effect had been looking forward to four-year-old son in Dekiagaru, the new ones every day, or one?~Tsu, and can not, Nde bad mood now with the way Soi. . .

Well, people have children is also good might try it together.

After complaints are not accepted Thank you called anyway other way more interesting than the screen congratulation.

I mean, it would be more tricky guy made after Yappari's all I'll show.

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