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======GROW v.3======
{{image url="images/growv3-150x150.png" class="left"}}[[]]
The memorable, the first GROW.
I won both the Grand Prix and popular vote-winning prize at shockwave game contest 2002.
I look anew at this and realize that basic points has been almost the same, even there are small differences such as score system or using drag &drop.
I thought GROW series has been much evolved...
I think the music is suit for the first one the best that's why so many people learn to play guitar, these are essential for any guitarist.
Well, interaction between each panel is rather complicated and 12panels are too much.
Do you think so?
Please enjoy it again!
======GROW v.2======
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I often heard [where is GROW v1 and v2?]
They were basically the same game as v3, but no music or no score and so on, then I didn't put them on my site.  However, many people asked me about them, I decided to make new v1 and v2.  Well, this time, v2.
Of course it is of lower quality.  Rather than GROW RPG game or CUBE.
Please be sure not to play it with a determination to play CUBE.  And don't say [What a sucky game...]  I'm at a loss for an answer.
Please, please be sure....
**[How to play GROW game series]**
- Click panels in your selected order.
- Items you click will grow and grow with each clicking.
- They sometimes effect each other as they grow.
- So you have to think about the clicking order.

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