The Hidden Kingdom

There is a Hidden Kingdom locked away somewhere, and only a few people can find it. You will need to use your brain and your eyes to get there. You must notice your surroundings and listen carefully.

Think you're up for the challenge? Do you think you can find the Hidden Kingdom?

Please note: You can only view the website on Internet Explorer. Everywhere else you will just see text.

Clues for Hidden Kingdom
1) The last word of the address, what do you think is the next web?
2) Just because they discovered it doesn't mean it didn't exist before they discovered it.
3)i) No trick, just do the math.
ii) Take note that divide by a half is not divide in half.
4) Either count it slowly or FIND it in "Edit"
5) Difference between "what you can see" and "all that you can see"
6) A common English expression
7) Ignore all other sentences and focus on the sentence with English language

Clues for ADVANCED Hidden Kingdom
1) Nobody's mother has nobody's name.
2) Whatever the match lights does not matter
3) What does cont_ol reminds you?
4) What if the silver text if true? what if the gold text is true.
5) How many birds is on the tree does not matter.
6) Apple+Apple=Apples
7)i) a bunch of words
ii) *think out of the box!*
8)i) ignore the sex, just count them by generations
ii) Why is 1,2,3,4.... is followed by 5?
9) For every line, the last word of the first phrase, compare it to the last word of the sentence.

10) Replace B and U with words a vowel and consonant.

Clues for OUTSKIRTS of Hidden Kingdom (only up to lvl 13)
1) A fact is something that is proven and true. Something that is made up is not proven and true.
2) What is the shape of a bottle?
3)i) Well, why was the money borrowed?
ii) How do you paint oceans, rivers or seas?
4) What makes a word shorter? What makes a word longer?
5) Relate the two things that u can see.
6)Look for two words and a phrase that encompasses them both
7) Where were you before you overtook? Now what are you if you are one ahead? Write down the times you would take the pills...i.e. the first one at 1pm...
8) The long hand is pointing at the three but the short hand is a quarter of a way between the three and the four isn't it?
9) Look at the word, look at the shape
10) What state do you have to be in to not know you are using it? If you are in that state what would you want to be in?
11) You don't wash IT...IT washes you!
12) No, it's not D's around west. now you've worked out that the word is IN the D's say it fast (Wish you were there?)
13) Compare the answers and decide which is true; the rest is pretty straight forward... or … If A is correct then can be correct? Or you could just add 32 to each of the letters and try them out...
14) ????

Closer-to-Answer Clues

Hidden Kingdom
1) hide2
2) everest
3)i) 6
ii) 14/0.5=28,28+7=35,35*35=1225,1225/0.5=2450,2450-2000=450,450+6=456
4) Second-last word of the third-last line
5) UN-highlighted at the bottom-right hand corner.
6) Just between you and me
7) language (3rd word of 'the English language')

ADVANCED Hidden Kingdom
1) Johnny (HIS mother has three sons)
2) Match (You have to light it b4 u can light ANYTHING)
3) you are out of control
4)i) silver (if the Silver has no treasure, then both text will be illogically correct.)
ii) (Million-1)-Million=-1,26+(-1)=25,25/5=5.
5)i) 1 left(the dead one, rest flew away)
ii) 3 (3 words in 'the Greek language')
6) wise guys (YY=Ys=wise,GUYGUY=guys)
7)i) 7 words
ii) full
8)i) Father
ii) 30+32=62.Difference between numbers is the multiples of 2 (4,8,16,32...)
9) saturday
10) Subbing b = a, U = T, "This is a code. Figure it out and you can figure out the next part. It's up to you! Simply place the: " harry" after the address given below."
11) Perrybro (Perry > Peter, Paul > Peter, Perrybro > Paul, Paul > Peterbro, Paulbro > Perry, Perrybro > Paulbro)

OUTSKIRTS of Hidden Kingdom (only up to lvl 13)
1) 9/10 facts are made up (9*100=900,900/0.5=1800)
2) 0
3) blue67 (0+67,he borrower has no money to give change)
4) short
5) foreign language
6) awalkinthepark
7) second60
8) 7.5
9) horsingaround
10) coffin
11) water
12) westindies
13) 2418
14) ??

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