The House 1


Created by Dark_Link777.

Okay! This is actually a remake of an old game I made using Gamemaker a long time ago; I felt it deserved a do-over. As it turns out, not many people download strange executables uploaded by teenagers, so I think a Flash version will get a lot more attention.

Music, graphics, and everything are all original. ...As you can probably tell, haha.

Controls couldn't be easier: Click. That's it. No inventory or anything, just click on stuff you want to interact with.

The sequel (again, already made in Gamemaker, but I'm planning to redo it as well) will be a bit longer and provide a bit more story. If I can figure out Papervision, it'll also have a 3D bit to it that uses the arrow keys, but at the moment, it doesn't look likely, so don't expect it.

Well, I guess that's about it... Oh, writing down the various things you find might help you piece it all together. Just saying.


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