Two Of A Kind


Bluff City is a town of unusual people, with unusual abilities. Tim and Tiffany Walters are fraternal twins, born and raised in Bluff City. After a traumatic childhood (which they don't talk about), they became extremely close and depend on each other for everything. To pay the bills, they have opened a Private Investigator business. Their current case is to locate a mysterious crystal. The price of failure? Only the end of the world. (more details on the game page)

Timothy Walters - Special Power: Levitation

Tim acts like an older brother to his sister Tiffany, despite the fact that he was born three minutes after her. He is strangely overprotective of her, and is constantly making sure that she's okay. He is very moody, often depressed, and looks at the world through jaded, cynical eyes. His one joy comes from listening to rock music. He is particularly fond of KISS; he has all their CDs and has even met some of the members.

Tiffany Walters - Special Power: Talking to Animals

Tiffany is cheerful, happy-go-lucky and childish. Not only is the glass constantly half full for her, but it's also pink with smiley faces drawn on it. She is obsessed with stuffed animals, of which she has many, and believes that she can always get her way by saying "Please!" often enough. Tiffany is always trying to get her brother Tim to have fun, which usually consists of a game of Candy-Land.

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